Curious if you have might a hormone imbalance?

Are you dealing with heavy, irregular, or painful periods? How about low energy, hormonal acne, and PMS?

What if I told you these symptoms could all be a thing of the past.

I help women heal their periods and balance their hormones so they can live a vibrant life. We’ll use a non-diet approach to wellness, focusing on real food and a protocol made just for you.

Ready to get started? Let’s work together to get to the root cause of your hormone imbalance.

Let’s Work Together


One-on-One Nutritional Therapy

Are you sick of being held prisoner to your period? Or maybe you struggle to get through the day without several cups of coffee. As your nutritional therapist, I’ll help you get to the root of your symptoms and get your life back.


Happy Hormones Online Course

The ultimate blueprint to help you balance your hormones naturally using nutrition, lifestyle changes, and targeted supplement support.

“Vicki is kind, supportive, knowledgeable, passionate, and more, and she will do everything she can to help you feel better. For the quality of life I now have, Vicki’s minimal fee seems almost not enough. If you are ready to take back your life, Vicki at Restoring Roots Wellness is the first person you need to see!” - Megan S.


I’m Vicki, a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner that helps women heal their periods and balance their hormones naturally, using real food, lifestyle changes, and a non-diet approach.

Like many women, I spent nearly 10 years on hormonal birth control. Once I decided to stop taking birth control, everything went haywire. My period was heavy and irregular, my skin was a mess, I couldn’t stop gaining weight, and my PMS was out of control.

With the power of real food and Nutritional Therapy, I was able to bring my body back into balance. Now my periods come and go without any fuss, my acne has subsided, my weight has stabilized, and my mood has lifted!

Now it’s my passion to help other women find relief from their symptoms and get to the root cause. I lean on both my experience having been in your shoes and my education as an NTP to help you feel your best.

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