The Strong Soul Series - Guest Post!

Who We Are: The Strong Soul Series

The Strong Soul Series, LLC is designed as a gathering place for women to grow in all areas of wellness with education based lessons on monthly topics. Our mission is to help women feel confident and strong in their own body by giving them the tools to take ownership of their life and to empower them in their health journey. We are confident every woman has the strength within, they just have to uncover and discover their true potential.


The pre-development spark. How we got together?

Two minds are better than one. Emoji love and cracking each other up over text message on repeat blossomed into the idea of why not work together. We crafted a strong relationship with clear expectations but truly it involved not being afraid to be vulnerable with each other. Believe it or not, we both attended the same nutritional therapy class and never actual talked to each other during the program. The business partnership really evolved into this amazing team unexpected and organically.

Miles apart, Two NTPs, One Mission

Meet Cassandra:

  • Coming to you from Knoxville, Tennessee with her best dog at her side

  • Bringing 5 years working through her personal journey with Graves’ disease combined with an NTP certification and the last two years of emotional/spiritual healing to go even further in healing.

  • Favorite things: succulents and plants, grand ole’ love for F.R.I.E.N.D.S.,  the color navy, abstract art, journaling, my birthday and building relationships with others

  • Favorite mantra: Everything happens for a reason.

  • You can find Cassandra @Radiating.Wellness on Instagram

Meet Coriann:

unnamed (1).png
  • Supporting you live from Small Town, Oklahoma covered in puppy hair.

  • Combing her knowledge and expertise of holistic nutrition and functional movement as well as her own personal health journey to bring you the tools you need to become your best self

  • Favorite things: browsing the shelves at Barnes & Noble, when someone else does the dishes, a good cup of coffee, creating, and building community with other women.

  • Favorite mantra: You are stronger than you seem.

You can find Coriann @corihoar on Instagram

Who is the program for?  

  • The busy mom

  • The career woman

  • The perfect wife

  • The college student

  • The female everyday-athlete

  • Really any woman looking for support, education, and practical tools to start implementing into their life.

Perks of being a Strong Soul member:

You will build a strong foundation because you will have access to tools on popular health and fitness struggles to help you develop a well rounded lifestyle.

Access to two experts to ask your questions about monthly content or any struggles you face.

Loyal members will also have access to submit content suggestions in the future based on their personal health struggles and questions they have. In addition, members will receive a bonus offer if they want to take their healing to the next level and to receive intensive 1:1 support.

Our goal is to build long lasting relationships with our members and build a community they can trust. Investing in your personal self whether life, health, mindset - pays you back in big rewards. And at The Strong Soul Series we care about all of that and want to help you rediscover that you have been strong all along.

What you can expect:

Think of the series as a monthly online course filled with educational videos shaped around the monthly theme, downloadable templates, a beautifully curated and inspiring workbook that pairs with the course material. The bonus of being a subscriber is you get a discount. This is not a newsletter subscription or download a template and be done.

The strong soul series is an ever changing membership program. Meaning, each month is it’s own stand alone online course and members invest in their health again and again focusing on a different aspect of their journey. The program will educate, uplift, and support our members. Think of it as an investment to solve your problems. The Strong Soul Series is an investment to help you in your healing.


Coming Soon!

November - We will be preparing our members for the busyness that so often shapes the holiday season teaching them mindfulness strategies to handle stress and keep their health in check instead of binging then waiting for January to get healthy. We will also be tackling how to fuel your body during the sometimes stressful time.

December - Stress and increased sugar intake often means a suppressed immune system. Add travel to the mix and no wonder, cold and flu season takes place during the holidays. This month’s topic will be a continuation of November but will help you strengthen your immune system and learn how your immune system actually works. And of course, we will be breaking it down to help take action.

Plus additional health and wellness course content coming in the new year developed around working out for your body’s needs and goals, understanding your female body and what it’s capable of, working through body image and emotional healing and more!

What’s the investment?

Automated subscriptions give you instant access to different monthly course content from a variety of health and wellness topics.

  • Every month automated subscription $80 every month

  • Every 3 month automated subscription $243 (8% off)

  • Every 6 months automated subscription $456 (10% off)

Enroll today!  First program starts this November.

A huge thank you to Victoria for giving us the opportunity to be with you today and we cannot wait to see you on the inside.

Cassandra & Coriann