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Grocery Store Tour ($60)

It can be overwhelming to shop for groceries when you’re trying to make healthy choices. How important is organic? What kind of eggs should I buy? Do I really need to read food labels? If you could use a little help navigating the grocery store, figuring out how to read ingredient lists and knowing what to buy, the grocery store tour is for you.

We will spend 60-90 minutes walking through your local grocery store, identifying how to choose nutrient dense options for you and your family. You’ll leave with a printed guide to take with you next time you go shopping to remind you of what you learned.

Pantry & Fridge Clean-Out ($60)

A properly stocked pantry and fridge that’s full of healthy options can make mealtime that much easier. When you keep healthy options in your home, you’re more likely to make healthy food choices. We will go through your pantry and fridge and pitch or donate items that may not be part of a healthy diet. We will then review a list of options I suggest to stock instead, including my favorite brands and where to buy them.

Pantry & Fridge Clean-Out/Grocery Store Tour Combo ($105)

Save a little money and book the two together!

Group Events & Presentations

Are you a business owner interested in getting nutrition information in the hands of your customers? Maybe you're a gym owner that wants to help your athletes learn how to properly fuel their bodies. 

We can schedule a custom event that speaks to your audience. Contact me for more information. 

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