Nutritional Therapy - Gold Package

Nutritional Therapy - Gold Package

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Recommended for the person who wants long-term support on their healing journey to really make a lifestyle change with the help of a practitioner.

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Nutritional Therapy can help a variety of health challenges including, but not limited to, digestive issues, bloating, low energy, hormonal imbalances, PMS, sugar cravings, auto immune diseases, food intolerances, skin issues, joint pain, and more. 


  • 12 sessions including a 75-minute initial interview and 11 60-minute follow-ups.

  • A comprehensive health history review and analysis of a 3 day food and mood journal with dietary recommendations to follow.

  • Ongoing analysis of a symptom burden questionnaire with tailored supplement recommendations based on your needs, adjusting as necessary throughout the course of our time together.

  • Check-ins for accountability and support.

  • Helpful handouts and additional resources provided based on your needs.


  • One payment of $730 or 4 payments of $200