Hey there! Iā€™m vicki.

I'm Victoria Richards, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner that's passionate about real food and nourishing my body and mind. 

I know how it feels to not feel well. For a long time I wasn't well, physically or emotionally. I thought it was normal to have constant bloating and stomach aches and I didn't know what it was like to make it through a full day without several cups of coffee.

My "normal" was far from normal and I know this is the case for so many people. 

I don't want that for you. 


My Story

I spent my college years in and out of the doctor, seeing a Gastrointestinal Specialist for my seemingly never ending, mysterious  nausea and digestive discomfort. It took many labs and trial and error to come to the diagnosis of Gastroparesis.

I was told to eat a low-fat, low-fiber diet (which essentially turned into a high carbohydrate and processed foods diet) to make it easier for my body to digest food. I was also put on a prescription proton pump inhibitor (Nexium). 

I was grateful to finally have a diagnosis after years of mystery but I was still miserable. I was afraid to eat because I never knew what would make me get sick. I was depressed, anxious and angry.  

I was in college. I was supposed to be having the time of my life. 

After graduating college I started looking into the Paleo diet. I read about dozens of people who had success and relief from many of the symptoms I was living with. I was desperate and willing to give anything a try. So I did. 

I started with 21 days of no alcohol, sugar, grains, dairy, or legumes. It was tough at first but at the end of the 21 days I honestly felt the best I had in a long time. I kept it up for several more months and noticed most of my digestive ailments had virtually disappeared. I couldn't believe it. My Gastroparesis seemed to be gone. I was eating fat and fibrous fruits and veggies without any issues for the first time in a long time. 

Eating a nutrient dense, whole foods diet gave me my life back. 

the light bulb moment

I couldn't help but tell my friends, family, and co-workers about my success with this new way of eating. Many of them decided to give it a try for themselves and, sure enough, felt just as good as I did while doing so. 

I started spending more and more time researching nutrition. I was fascinated by what I was finding and couldn't get enough. I became the girl my friends and co-workers would come to for advice about nutrition and I loved helping them, guiding them through my own experiences. 

I felt like I had finally found my passion.

I felt a calling to help others on their wellness journey. I hate that so many of us struggle with not feeling well but don't really know what to do or where to start.

In mid-2017 I decided to further my education through The Nutritional Therapy Association in their Nutritional Therapy Practitioner program. 

My health journey is just that, a journey, and is ever evolving. Ultimately, it always comes back to a nutrient dense, whole foods diet at the root of it all. I want to teach others how profound of an impact eating real food has on the body. 

It's not normal to feel tired, achy, bloated, constantly hungry, deprived, etc. You CAN feel better and I want to help you get there. 

It starts with fixing the foundation, or the roots, to achieve wellness. That's how Restoring Roots Wellness came to be. From the belief that restoring our roots, or our body's foundation, can pay dividends in your overall health and well being. 

So what are you waiting for? Let's restore your roots.